Thank you for visiting my photography portfolio.

The collection of photographs on this site are my own images taken over several years of photographing places in and around my home town of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.

I am a passionate & experienced amateur photographer. My favourite thing is to grab my camera, jump in my car and see where the day (and the many gravel roads) will take me.

I don't follow any strict rules about what to photograph, and I'll aim my lens at whatever subject happens to interest me in the moment, but I do seem to gravitate towards places that were once occupied by people, but who have long since moved on...

Finding fragments of someone's past life while exploring an abandoned house on a remote gravel road fascinates me. It could be a personal item left behind, or the colour of a child's bedroom long forgotten. Who were they and why did they leave? I feel that no matter how long past their time was in these places, there is beauty still to be found in the echos of what they left behind.

The images uploaded so far are a start, with I hope many many more to come. Please contact or follow me at @ImWorldsAway if you like what you see!

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